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Cookies informations


When you visit our website, "cookies" are placed on your computer, mobile phone or tablet, depending on the device you use to browse the Internet.

We are particularly concerned with the quality of the services that we offer, and the use of these cookies makes it possible for us to ensure that your browsing experience reflects your needs and allows us to provide you with personalised offers that correspond with your expectations.

In the interests of transparency, this page will provide information about the placing of cookies on your devices and how to oppose the placing of said cookies


What are cookies?

Cookies are little text files placed on your device by your browser when you visit certain websites. They make it possible to transfer information aimed at personalising and/or improving your browsing experience on a website back to the cookie owner.

There are several types of cookie depending on the kind of website that you visit, the website publisher and the services on offer.
Only the owners of the cookies can read, modify or use the information contained within the cookies placed on your device.

Technical cookies
They are generally used by publishers of e-commerce websites. They play an ESSENTIAL role in the website's navigation, ordering process, basket functionality, account security...

Third-party "advertising and services” cookies It may be that some content present on our website in the dedicated advertising spaces is issued by third-party advertising companies. These companies can use cookies in order to identify the type of device used by the website user, the website of origin (ours in this instance) when you click on some of this content, the number of displays or number of views...

Some third-party services present on our website may also place cookies on your terminal. These are mainly payment service providers (payment in instalments), verified websites...

Third-party “social” cookies We offer Internet users visiting our website the opportunity to share the products they like with their friends through social networks or share buttons. When these "shares" occur, the networks used may place cookies on your device in order to offer you similar content at a later date.

These networks can also identify your navigation on our website, even if you do not use the share buttons or "social network" recommendations during your visit. We do not know the data collection mechanisms used by these networks and are unable to provide you with information on this subject (data collected, data use, how long it is stored...).

"Statistic” cookies These cookies make it possible for us to identify the kind of device used, the time at which the user connected to the site, the countries and regions of connection, the most frequent time of day at which the site is visited...

All of this information makes it possible for us to offer you improved accessibility to the site based on site traffic and to configure displays (colour, language...). They also make it possible for us to improve the layout of our site by studying how you move around the site (similar to reorganising the layout of a store).

Service life The service life of cookies present on our website is restricted to 13 months, in accordance with the recommendations made by the French National Commission for Information Technology and Freedom on 05/12/2013 (N° 2013-378)


Controlling and/or preventing the recording of cookies on our website

Each browser needs to be configured in a different way. The process is described in the help menu on your browser, and this information will help you know how to change your cookie preferences. Here we describe some of the main characteristics of the most frequently used browsers.

You can deactivate cookies by following these instructions:

Internet Explorer

  1. Select Tools, then Internet Options.
  2. Select General, then Navigation history and finally Configuration.
  3. Select Display files.
  4. Select the Name column header to display files in alphabetical order, then
  5. Scan the list until you find files starting with the prefix “Cookie”. (All cookies have this prefix and generally contain the name of the website which created the cookie).
  6. Select the cookies that include the name of our website and delete them
  7. Close the window that contains the list of files then double-click on OK to return to Internet Explorer.


  1. “Tools” tab in the browser then select the “Options” menu
  2. “Privacy” tab and click on “Display cookies”
  3. Select the cookies that include the name of our website and delete them


  1. “Edition” menu of the browser and select “Preferences”
  2. Click on Security.
  3. Click on Display cookies
  4. Select the cookies that include the name of our website and delete them
  5. Click “Complete”


  1. Click on the Tools menu icon.
  2. Select “Options”
  3. Advanced options tab and “Confidentiality” section
  4. Click on “Display cookies”
  5. Select the cookies that include the name of our website and delete them
  6. Click on “Close”

Third-party advertising cookies

We advise you to use the online YourOnlineChoices service. This interprofessional platform, provided by digital advertising professionals in managed in France by the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau).

It provides information on the various companies that have signed up to the programme and makes it possible for you to accept or refuse third-party cookies issued by these companies on your device in a single click.

To connect, go to, “Controlling cookies” section.


Version V0. Valid from 14/06/2014.


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